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Dog Resources

We Love Our Dogs

At Loyal Pet,we're founded on a love for dogs as our furry, amiable companions. We know that as long as a dog can sense his owner's undying love, he will stand by his owner's side through thick and thin. That is why we provide you and your dog with the proper products, that will keep your dog by your side and as playful and active as he already is.

Adopt A Shelter Dog

We have a serious issue with pet abandonment in the United States. With so many millions of domesticated pets, a large percentage of them end up in shelters and are eventually euthanized. When you're in the market for a new pet, we want you to be aware of your options. Of course, you can buy a new dog from a breeder or pet store, but you can also go to a local shelter and adopt a dog in need.


Some prospective pet owners get nervous when it comes to adopting pets because they worry that sheltered pets have social and physical problems, but most sheltered pets are not sheltered because of problems, but rather because of their former owner's financial and convenience issues.


Before you begin looking for a pet and decide on where to find your best friend, some important things to consider are companionship, entertainment, and the life lessons you can learn from a pet. Studies have also shown that owning and loving a dog can decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as reduce depression, anxiety, and loneliness.


Dogs can help children, in that they learn higher self-esteem and social skills, as well as seniors who need companionship and a sense of self-worth and purpose. With an adopted dog, you can find all of these things and more, and have the peace of mind and pride that you helped an animal in need, who otherwise would've likely remained abandoned or eventually euthanized.


Visit ASPCA to learn about shelters in your area: Find a Shelter


The way your dog eats is an integral factor of your dog's health -- if he eats the right food regularly, he will have the right nutrients and energy to remain active. As a pet owner, you should always keep a close eye on the ingredients in your pet's food, and remember that no dogs should not eat corn or wheat. While purchasing quality dog food might end up costing more, your dog will eat less (and use more) of what they are eating, which eventually produces less waste. And trust us -- the health problems your pet must endure after eating low-quality food will outweigh the money you save on buying lower-quality food. The way your dog eats over the course of its childhood is also very important. Here's a quick guide of how your pet should eat:

At 3/4 Weeks -- Puppies should begin eating solid food, or you can try mixing three parts food with one part water, making the food easier to digest.


Play has always been the most important part of your pet's day, and the best release for you after your work day. Regular play is not only exciting and entertaining for your dog, it also keeps him active, alert, and mindful of how his body works, which is why it is essential to establish a habit of play early on in your dog's life.


For social animals like dogs, play is a necessary part of growing up, and without it they might not develop to their full potential. This is not to say that dogs who play will develop more rapidly than their peers, but they will absolutely develop more regularly, as the role-playing rehearsal of pet play will stimulate a young dog both mentally and physically, and make them healthier and stronger because of it.


Pet experts agree that during a dog's socialization period, which takes place between 3 and 6 weeks of age, an animal's excitement and capacity to play intensifies and they should be introduced to chew toys. By 16 to 20 weeks of age, they can be introduced to balls, rope toys, and other social play toys.

Our Banjo Line of dog toys encompass all types of toys, including:


Puppies and adult dogs alike have a physical need to orally play and chew objects, giving them great pleasure and excitement. By the time a dog starts teething (typically between 6 and 8 months of age), object-chewing becomes extremely useful when it comes to dental eruption and gum discomfort. Chew toys range from simple toys your dog can chew on his own, to balls and donuts you can throw and play catch with.

Rope Toys

Sometimes, oral play does not require a partner (I.E. Dog bones), and tug-of-war games evolve as a spin-off of oral play. Tug-of-war can be a fun alternative to playing catch and will make your play time with your pet more interactive. Though dogs might sometimes even seem angry while playing, this is simply a facet of their play mechanism.

Clean Pet

Keeping your pet clean is truly invaluable, from brushing to cleaning to waste management. Every pet, ranging from small to big and even "no-hair" breeds, require a great deal of care, upkeep, and grooming.

Oral Hygiene

Since dogs are usually very orally-fixated, many things can cause a dog to suffer discomfort and pain in their mouth, so it is important to look closely for foreign objects, abscesses, broken teeth, jaw injuries, lacerations, electrical or chemical burns, infections, tumors, or gum issues. The first sign of any oral pain or discomfort is shown through changes in eating behavior and excessive drooling.


Proper coat care is the mainstay of grooming, but given the variety of coat types, lengths and textures, there is no one way to groom your pet. However, most companion pets are fine with regular brushing every week or two, which helps to manage shedding and distribute natural oils from the skin. Sometimes, long-haired breeds tend to require more care than normal to keep their coats in good condition.

Dog Waste

Finally, dog waste management is a hard but necessary part of dog ownership. Left to accumulate, dog waste can ruin the appearance of your property, attract disease-carrying pests, and pollute ground water in a way that will surely affect you and your neighbors. Of course, it's not a pleasant process, but since it's necessary, we try to make it more enjoyable for you with our colorful waste bags and stylish waste bag dispensers.


While some pet owners like to let their dog sleep in bed with them, we believe a dog bed is an essential piece of equipment for any dog, regardless of size, breed, or age. Every dog deserves a comfortable bed to call home where he can feel safe and retreat to at the end of a long day. A good dog bed should not only provide a private space and sense of security for your pet, but it should also provide him with warmth and insulation, cushion his joints and bones, and control the spread of his hair and dander.


Though we love to play with our dogs on our own furniture, giving your dog an alternative sleeping option will give him a reason to not only give you some privacy but also feel like he has his own domain. It is very important to choose the right bed, which can depend on factors like his size, age, sleep patterns, and physical condition. For example, while round beds are perfect for dogs who curl up when they sleep, rectangular beds are best for dogs who stretch out and have less flexibility.

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