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Here at Right Bags, we focus on doing what’s right - for the environment, for you, and for your pet. Cleaning up after your pet is the responsible thing to do, let us help you do it in the best way possible.


Right Price

Our bags are so affordable you’ll be able to use most of your pet supplies budget on the less poopy part of being a pet parent.


Right Strength

The last thing you want is a leaky poop bag! Our bags are made out of the right stuff to ensure none of your pet’s waste ends up on your hand.


Right Thing

As a company, we make sure to give back by being involved with organizations such as Leader Dogs, who use the amazing power of dogs to help those who are visually impaired.


Proudly American

Serving climates across America, protecting sidewalks everywhere from the sun-melted poop of the South or the frozen poop-sicles of the North.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Let us know how we’re doing! Whether you want to share the good, the bad, or just a cute photo of your dog in a bandana or your cat in a bow tie, we want to know.


Our Brands

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Giving Back

Imagine how disruptive it would be to have your entire routine disrupted by vision loss. Even the simple act of walking around the block could become a frightening and potentially dangerous task. Now imagine getting that freedom back with the guidance of a loving companion dog. That’s why we work with Leader Dogs for the Blind - we know what a difference a dog can make.

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